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Luxury, a french know-how

From the fragrances' working off to the achievement of the bottle,

Making Of wants to carry the French hand craft's values.


"Everything is only order and beauty,

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness"

     as was said Charles Baudelaire there was a time.



Luxurious scents...

Fragrances invite you to a sensory and sensual trip by way of compositions imagined in Grasse, birth place of perfumery. With the help a specialized scents' compositor, Audrey Courbier, creator, has to decided to give free rein to her imagination. A true alchemy was born between the conductor and the expert who gives birth to hers inspirations.



... In a confidential Bottle

Delicate, glamorous, sensual, the bottle of making Of has been designed in order to enhance the fragrances which it contains. Mysterious, intriguing, its takes the shape of a faceted die with rounded shoulders. Imagined by Waltersperger, a glass master established in Haute-Normandie, this luxurious case of a completely opaque black, puts the French know-how in honour.

Making Of offers you a rare fragrances'collection, enhanced by a bottle worthy of the biggest creations, having to your perfume a unique piece.