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Six scenes, six olfactory stories, six rare perfumes...

Making Of , a new signature in the world of perfumery where imagination plays the leading role.


"Perfume is an intimate adornment, each having a part of the secret"

Audrey Courbier






Making Of is a skin scent, it is the one with a person wears it. This is a fragrance with character, an invisible and private elixir of happiness, as soft as a kiss on neck and as powerful as a thunderbolt, leaving in its wake a delicate  olfactory sign, the promise of love.


As rare perfumes, it has no label, it is for a woman, or a man. Everyone is free to indulge it. It is indispensable complement of a personality, combining charm and roundness, balance and sensuality.


The multi-faceted range of fragrances named as Premier rôle, Inavouable, Rocher Princier, L'Amour la mode, Amazing shooting are made by skillfull combination and even distribution of ingredients in the solution composed of 20% extracts.

The heart notes reveal themselves upon opening; only the bases notes remain. Out of chemistry comes magic, the magic of a unique, perfectly controlled perfume with subtle and voluptuous chords.



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