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Perfume, "a childhood  memory"...







Bursting with energy, the mother of two little girls,

Audrey, had a long dreamed of establishing her own perfume brand.

Since, she was very young, Audrey had been fascinated by beauty,

luxury and the world of perfume. This was passion handed down from the women in her family: her grandmother, aunt and mother, who wore true signature scents.


After graduating from business school, Audrey lived in the United States for a while before pursuing a graduate degree in international management at Sophia Antipolis.

When she had completed her studies, she returned to Paris, where she spent ten years with the Estee Lauder Companies, taking part in the creation of makeup lines and the sales department of the Group's different brands.


Settled in Grasse, the birthplace of the greatest perfumes, Audrey found her inspiration in nearby Cannes and the backstage ambiance, where emotions and secrets abound.



"Like a garment, a perfume envelops ans adorns us; it has to suit us, not force us into someone else's skin"

she explained.





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